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July 9, 2017

With the state of Women's Wrestling on the rise, it's no wonder women are finally getting the exposure and opportunities they've deserved for so long! Here at National Pro Wrestling League, its no different! Our brand new Womens Division is a main focus for our company, and truth be told we are extremely happy with the growing reaction and positive results that have come from this choice! NPWL has garnered a lot of attention for its unique approach to Pro Wrestling and the Women themselves who have been chosen for this division. 


Women from Massachusetts, Florida, to California, and on through Canada! The NPWL Women's Division is truly one - of - a - kind! A graduate of Lance Storm's Academy. Representatives of the PRIDE Movement in the LGBTQ Community. California Rising Star Athletes, and more. But let us not just claim it, let us show you instead! 















Taeler Hendrix - Hendrix, a Pro Athlete for over 10 years has competed in almost every major promotion in the United States. She got her start in Massachusetts towards the end of 2006 training with the likes of Spike Dudley, Bob Evans, Kevin Kelly and more. Later on, Hendrix then went to Ohio Valley Wrestling to train with Rip Rogers and Al Snow in the fall of 2011. Fast forward, we'd see Hendrix training in Canada with Scott D'Amore honing her craft until her return to New England in 2016, ten years after her start in the world of Pro Wrestling. In all this time, Hendrix has developed a keen reputation for her martial arts talent and portrayal of characters that captivate fans from The One Girl Revolution in 2006 to The Wretched Spawn in 2017, she's always been a standout! Taeler Hendrix certainly knows how the bring the full package to NPWL. Finding herself after all this time, she's proud to say she's a sponsored athlete, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a social media influencer, a non-profit owner, a brand ambassador, and soon to be author and actress. She's been on record saying, "Everything I've ever wanted for my life, I've either done or on my way to doing and NPWL will be no different!" She's prepared to make every woman in NPWL Hail Hendrix! 



Gisele Shaw - Gisele Shaw is the self proclaimed Quintessential Diva! Living up to her name, she loves the attention, the risk, and the gold! Shaw has been studying under the tutelage of Lance Storm whose reputation for producing amazing athletes yet again has proven to be true! Many companies have had their eyes on Gisele Shaw, and NPWL is happy to say she's NPWL all day every day! Shaw is ready to represent Canada from coast to coast and all over the globe! From gymnast, to boxer, to figure skater, and now Pro Athlete, Gisele Shaw definitely has a background like no other and a reputation to uphold representing Lance Storm's Academy. Its fair to say that Gisele Shaw has her sights set on being at the top, wearing the gold, and being "The" best. Wrestling for several years now, Shaw has been building up a skill set that she is prepared to bring to her U.S Debut at NPWL on September 22nd in Petaluma, California. Meet Canada's own, The Quintessential Diva Gisele Shaw! 



Alexia Nicole - Known as  "The Bubblegum Princess" is ready for her royal debut here at NPWL! The ruler of the Bubblegum Kingdom may only stand at 4 ft. 10, but don't be fooled by her innocent looks. While she may be sweet and petite, this princess is tough to beat with her quick, energetic, lucha-based style. Alexia currently residing in Toronto, was trained by former TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde who also has an amazing reputation in the world of Women's Wrestling! With a background in karate and track, Alexia Nicole will certainly live up to her explosive personality. Wrestling for several years, Alexia has been Candy Crushing opponents throughout the United States and Canada, and she's ready to add some sweetness to the NPWL Womens Division. We couldnt be happier about this addition and all she brings to NPWL! Many see her as the underdog, but she's not afraid to "Candy Crush" the competition in NPWL and put the rest of the women's roster in a sticky situation as she bursts their bubbles on her way to the top. So, moral of the story? DON'T underestimate Alexia Nicole, or you'll end up in a sticky situation with your bubble burst! Meet Canada's very own colorful and energetic Bubblegum Princess, Ruler of The Bubblegum Kingdom, Alexia Nicole! 



Shotzi Blackheart - Shotzi Blackheart is every bit the definition of a Rising Star! Coming to NPWL as a hometown girl, Shotzi comes to us from Oakland, California and is every bit as ballsy and Badass as her reputation says! She's spunky, she's fearless, and she's letting everyone know it! Blackheart is in demand and on the Rise, pun intended! Blackheart has been branching out of the California scene, and developing her talent as she goes from coast to coast and fresh off of her first U.K Tour! Unique look, crazy personality, fearless philosophy, Shotzi is truly one of a kind and we are proud to say she's NPWL! Horror fanatic, Scream Queen, and Pizza Cat! Shotzi is definitely a woman you don't want to miss! Talent to boot and amazing passion! Meet The Ballsy Baddass herself, Shotzi Blackheart! 



Nicole Savoy - Nicole Savoy, a California native from Sacramento is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the NPWL Womens Division! Savoy is the self proclaimed "Queen of Suplexes," and she warns that anyone headed to NPWL makes a stop in Suplex City courtesy of Savoy herself! Savoy's style has been described as the culmination of disciplines such as MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Catch Wrestling! Born out of the California Wrestling scene, Savoy has trained with The Holy Rollers, Michael Modest, and "Old School" Oliver John! Savoy plans on making all of her trainers proud and showing off her hard work when she debuts against Lance Storm's protege' Gisele Shaw on September 22nd. Savoy with an expertise as a mixed martial artist plans on proving to the fans of NPWL just why she was ranked number 13 in the PWI Top 50 Females in Wrestling! With a high ranking like that, we believe she's earned her title! Meet The Queen of Suplexes Nicole Savoy! 



The Fella Twins - The Fella Twins are a very exciting brand headed to NPWL! The Fella Twins comprised of founder, "The Boy Diva" Rick Cataldo and "The Fabulous One" Eddy King! The Fellas are here at NPWL to defy laws, rebrand social standards, rewrite what "real" women are made of! Glamorous, Fierce, Bold! Just some of the many eords ysed to describe The Fella Twins! With big mouths, they talk a lot of trash while taking out the trash and backing it up in the ring! One of their main goals is to change the perception of the LGBTQ Community and the world of Pro Wrestling! Based out of New York, The Fella Twins with their uptown edge plan to diversify the already stacked NPWL Roster! The Fellas aim to make you question...What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails. That's what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of. Rickie and E, two brothers collectively known as The Fella Twins, defy all laws of gender. It's a fairy tale come to life when they take stage to move and twirl.. men collectively gasp, for how can two boys look like two girls? With cheeks pink as a rose, luscious lips filled with truths untold, The Fella Twins set out in the hyper masculine world of wrestling, eyelashes in tack, to break the mold! We are proud to welcome The Fella Twins to NPWL!

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