Main Event Taeler Hendrix vs Kelly Klein

May 5, 2017

Photo: @TheModern_Myth




In one move, NPWL makes a powerful statement! On June 11th, the Main Event set to take place is The "Pretty Badass Kelly Klein VS. The "Queen of the Dead Taeler Hendrix. NPWL's statement is that women not only deserve to be showcased on the same level as men, but also have earned the right to be shown as the persevering role models that they truly are! Womens Wrestling has exploded in the last few years with women from all over the globe and June 11th, will ignite another Revolution. Will the friendship Klein and Hendrix share and the respect they have for each other be a hindrance as they set out on a collision course representing The National Pro Wrestling League Womens Division? Soon, we'll find out...



June 11th, will hit hard as NPWL throws its hat into the squared circle behind Klein and Hendrix. Klein has proved herself to be quite the formidable Professional Athlete, being undefeated and coming from a long line of Varsity Athletes. She's been on record as saying, "Watch This," before she decimates an opponent with her finisher, "The End of the Match." However, when wrestling just wasn't enough for the dominant athlete, she decided to add boxing to her repertoire under the tutelage of Les Thatcher and Joe Hornsby. She plans on bringing all her skills to NPWL. Klein has been proving herself all over the globe, and now she has her sights on Hendrix and being "The" Standard of the NPWL Womens Division. Klein owes her ascent in the wrestling world in large part to an attitude that she has described by saying, "No one can tell you who you are or who you will be. No one can tell you what you can or can't do." Klein's message to all women world-wide is that they are ALL Badass, and they are ALL Pretty just as they are! You are YOUnique! Klein boasts that on the night of the 11th, the last thing Hendrix will see is the End of the Match with no hard feelings, courtesy of the Klei-Nation. 







Hendrix has proved herself to be an unpredictable and calculating Profesional Athlete. From Wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts, she's carving out her own spot in NPWL honing her craft with trainers Scott D'Amore and Bob Evans. Hendrix, an experienced Mixed Martial Artist has a black belt in Tae Kwon, and plans to bring all her skills to NPWL. She alludes to an impending uprising come June 11th. What that means? We shall see! She's been known to whisper to her opponents "I See All," before she sacrifices them to the Dead with her finisher, "Hail to the Queen." Hendrix firmly believes what drives her towards her dreams is the idea that the little girl she was will be proud of the woman she's become. Hendrix's message to women world-wide is that they ALL have purpose in this life, and no one can take that from them. You dictate YOUR value, no one else. You matter! Hendrix has been called Dead and Ugly, but to her those are just skills of survival, to thrive... Hendrix's statement to Klein is as written: "The End of the Match may be near, who'd know better than I? Nevertheless, Mothers coming home. And the Dead WILL Rise. I See All...Hail to the Queen.


There you have it NPWL Fans! Don't miss out on this Main Event! Friends or Frienemies? Will prestige be too good to pass up? Or will we see friendly competition from two competitors who know each other better than they know themselves? June 11th, we will find out! Womens Wrestling will never be the same as The Klei-Nation goes head to head with The Drop Dead Darlings sparking NPWL's Revolution! 

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